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Watchguard Wireless 2020 IR Multi-Beam Sensor

Watchguard Wireless 2020 IR Multi-Beam Sensor


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The Watchguard 2020™ ALC-BEAM1 wireless infrared multi-beam sensor detects intrusion by creating a curtain of 4 x invisible infrared beams. It is ideal for use indoors or outdoors, on fences, balconies, garage doors and more.

Product features: 
- Maximum detection range up to 6m
- Wireless frequency: 433.92MHz (±75KHz)
- Wireless transmission distance to WG2020 alarm up to 80m
- IP66 weather resistant & UV-resistant polycarbonate body for outdoor use
- Completely wireless: Battery standby life up to 3 years
- 2 x CR123A (transmitter), 3 x CR123A (receiver)
- Compact housing at 47mm x 47mm x 612mm